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JUNE 14TH, 2019



Marineland, Florida June 14th, 2019. - Grupo Dolphin, the world's largest Dolphin Family and the #1 Dolphin company in the world, announced today its newest acquisition in the United States of America: MARINELAND FLORIDA, in Saint Augustine, Florida. MARINELAND FLORIDA is an oceanarium that began as a movie studio and research facility more than 80 years ago, with an aquarium, dolphins and other marine species in exhibition. It is now the third dolphin habitat of Grupo Dolphin in the USA, together with GulfWorld Marine Park in Panama City, Florida and Dolphin Connection in the Florida Keys. This acquisition of MARINELAND FLORIDA is part of the expansion of Grupo Dolphin, which recently also acquired the Aquarium in Mar del Plata, Argentina and AQUAFELIX, a water park north of Rome, Italy.

In 2011, Georgia Aquarium, Inc. purchased the park and rehabilitated it with the behavioral needs of the animal, the viewing capabilities of the guest and researcher in mind.

"MARINELAND is a place whose history represents the birth of groundbreaking discoveries in human-dolphin interaction as well as research on species in human care and the wild.  In this Oceanarium, we find similarities with our mission, vision, and values. These similarities reflect our love, concern, and our mission of protecting the welfare of all species that make up our family. We are very proud to add MARINELAND FLORIDA, the first oceanarium in the world, to our Dolphin Family, and bring the best dolphin experience and guest service to all their visitors".", said Eduardo Albor, CEO of Dolphin Group.

"Connecting people to all other living species, and especially marine animals, has never been as important as it is today. MARINELAND FLORIDA was one of the first zoological facilities to educate millions, and we were proud to carry that message for almost ten years. While Georgia Aquarium will continue to be a world leader in animal care and conservation efforts, we are excited to see MARINELAND now as part of Dolphin Discovery Group and are very confident they will continue with its mission and make it last for many more years and for future generations.", said Dr. Brian Davis, Executive Vice President of Georgia Aquarium.

Marineland Florida is accredited by the Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums Alliance (AMMPA) and by the International Association of Marine Animal Trainers (IMATA for its acronym in English). In addition to being part of the Florida Attractions Association, Hammock Beach Resort, and Flagler County Tourist Development Council..