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Dolphin Cares, Our health and security protocols program. Learn more here!


The DOLPHIN CARES strategic pillars focus on its guests, associates, and business partners, as well as the communities where it operates and animal welfare.

The new protocols of THE DOLPHIN COMPANY are applied from the beginning of the experience through the interactive programs and in all its facilities worldwide.

The Dolphin Company, the largest park operator in Latin America, with 25 years of experience and more than 12 million guests, unveiled its new comprehensive plan of protocols and communication strategy: ‘Dolphin Cares’. As its name implies, it promotes care and attention in all facets of the operation, safety, and health addressing COVID-19.

In addition to the authorities’ hygiene regulations,
the following protocols stand out:

We have taken different actions that allow us to provide greater safety and hygiene to our visitors, despite the fact that we have always maintained high standards of hygiene in our operation, the current situation has led us to include new measures in our protocols.
As they are:

  • Ask guests to have been healthy 14 days prior.
  • Visitors will receive basic safety and hygiene guidelines prior to their visit.
  • All Guests must complete the digital self-declaration questionnaire.
  • Temperature log for all staff and Visitors.
  • Frequent cleaning procedures on all high contact areas and surfaces.
  • Application of social distancing.
  • Antibacterial gel dispensers and sanitizing mats will be available.
Check In and registration
  • Associates will wear face masks and gloves.
  • The temperature of the Guests will be taken.
  • Everyone must wear face masks in this area (Mandatory use from 2 years).
  • The social distance must be maintained according to the signage marked on the floor.
  • Only a family member will register.
Interaction programs
  • Social distancing will be respected.
  • A single family member will write down their entire group (Properly sanitized pens will be provided).
  • Antibacterial gel will be provided to Guests prior to entering the water.
  • The Marine Mammal specialist: Will use a plastic mask during the Program and will avoid physical contact with the Guests.
  • Behaviors involving contact with the Guest’s face are temporarily suspended.
  • Any interactive program will be a maximum of 6 people (Only if it is a family it can be up to 8).
Restaurants and food courts
  • Mandatory use of mouth guards for all restaurant and cafeteria staff.
  • Mandatory use of gloves for personnel who have contact with plates, glasses and tables.
  • Tables and chairs will be sanitized each time they are vacated.
  • Buffet bars, box bars and other common areas will be sanitized every 15 minutes.
  • Staff will serve the food as the Guest requires so that he doesn’t have contact with the food in the buffet.
  • The buffet bars will be protected by acrylics.
  • Capacity will be reduced in floors.
  • Healthy row spacing will be applied for buffet boxes and bars.
Recreational Activities
  • The capacity of amusement games to maintain social distance will be reduced.
  • After each cycle, cubicles, helmets, harnesses, etc., will be sanitized by spraying sanitizing solution.
  • For tires and other items used on slides, they will be sprayed with a sanitizing solution before each use.
  • Operators of recreational activities (zip lines, extreme activities, snorkeling, amusement games, slides, water rides, etc.) will wear face masks and leather gloves (where applicable).
Safety and Salvage
  • Lifeguards will act only if necessary.
  • After each program, life jackets will be sanitized.
  • The Lifeguard will regulate the flow of people in the pools. The Guest will be asked to respect social distancing at all times.
  • In case of having to provide first aid to a Guest, the paramedic will wear protective glasses, gloves and face masks at all times.
  • In water parks at the entrance of the slides or water attractions there will be antibacterial gel dispensers and for the row of our slides, points will be placed so that the Guest respects the social distance.

We remain committed, as always, to offering safe and unforgettable experiences for all our guests. Our international certifications, including the recently obtained Safe Travels, guarantee that we exceed the standards and protocols of safety, hygiene, and well-being.

Our outdoor facilities and the ample spaces that characterize them, will allow us to comply with the security and social distancing measures that are now also part of our habitats protocols.